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  • Stricter requirements for preschools

    Stricter requirements for preschools Por Harald Beyer

    President Piñera’s Government is in the process of implementing a broad reform of Chile’s educational system. This reform not only affects all three levels of education: preschool, school and higher education; it also deals with [...]

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  • Challenges after a remarkable economic triennium

    Challenges after a remarkable economic triennium Por Felipe Larraín

    In 2012, Chile completed three consecutive years of strong growth, averaging close to 6%, with the creation of 750,000 jobs since early 2010 and an increase in wages of around 3% in real terms for [...]

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  • The force of reason

    The force of reason Por Alfredo Moreno

    For two weeks, the eyes of two nations were focused on the main courtroom at the International Court of Justice in The Hague and now that the oral arguments phase of the maritime dispute case [...]

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  • The legacy of Steve Jobs

    The legacy of Steve Jobs Por Sebastián Piñera

    Some weeks ago, I was surprised to receive a phone call from Steve Jobs. He said he had some time in his schedule to visit Chile. He was responding to my invitation from September last [...]

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  • Steven Jobs: An Inspiring Encounter

    Steven Jobs:  An Inspiring Encounter Por english

    One of the most exciting and inspiring moments during our visit to the United States was the meeting with Steven Jobs, creator and president of Apple. We arrived at his house in Palo Alto [...]

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