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Foreign Affairs Minister Moreno gives speech at the United Nations Security Council

Foreign Affairs Minister Moreno gives speech at the United Nations Security Council

The Foreign Affairs Minister, Alfredo Moreno, gave a speech this morning during the United Nations Security Council open debate on the promotion and strengthening of the Rule of Law in the maintenance of international peace and security. Minister Moreno was representing Chile, non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the 2014-2015 period.

“Chile is just starting out as a member of the Security Council, for this two year period, and I believe that during this time Chile will do a very important job. Whenever there is a complex situation in the world, it ends up in the hands of the Security Council and Chile will have a voice, which will be the same voice as ever, in favor of democracy, human rights and the Rule of Law, as we have discussed today,” Minister Moreno said.

Minister Moreno added that “today’s debate on the Rule of Law is such an important matter for the people of Chile. We all know that without Rule of Law, there is no democracy and no protection of human rights and this is particularly true in the Peacekeeping missions that the Security Council carries out. I believe that this debate will help to ensure that future operations place even greater emphasis on countries not only achieving peace, but also on ensuring that moving forwards there is Rule of Law to prevent any further conflict in the future,” he explained.

Following his speech, Minister Moreno held a meeting with the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.